Meenakshi says, "Chrissy is a good teacher."

Chrissy is a good teacher. Kids love working with her and learning music at right pace. She is very professional and knowledgeable in music.

Meenakshi Rathore
North Attleboro, MA

Kyla Strom - Kids Benefit from her technique

Chrissy has been teaching my 2 children piano for several months and am very happy I chose her to be their instructor. She is very friendly and energetic. She is able to keep my children focused on the task at hand, which is difficult because of their ages. (6 years old and 4 years old) 

I really like the technics she uses. She spends the first few minutes of the lesson as a review and then moves on to new material. When my children have completed a task, she uses a reward system (stickers) which my children love. Anyone who has her as a piano instructor would definitely benefit from her expertise.

Thank you,
Kyla Strom

Pups Unlimited

I have Chrissy clean my house for me because I run my own business, and I have a million things on my mind besides keeping the house clean. Chrissy does amazing work, and she takes her time. She is never in a rush, and goes above and beyond her job description. She is a dedicated worker and is impeccable to detail. I would recommend her to all of my friends and family. You will not find anyone around here with her quality of work, and her excellent price. I don’t know what I would do without her. I also had her husband recently paint the interior of my entire house and he is also excellent at what he does. So very detailed and pays extra attention to the small details (that makes a huge difference by the way). I am very picky when it comes to my house, and they are a dream come true! I am a VERY satisfied customer. 

Thank you Chrissy!

Charlene and Kayla Bessette
Pups Unlimited

Dr. Dan's House

Chrissy's Cleaning Service does an excellent job. I can tell she has been there that day by the shine on the floors and the smell of clean in all the rooms.


Modern Family Chiropractic
17 Cocasset St. Foxboro, MA

Sue Wilcox Highly Recommends

I highly recommend Chrissy Impson as a piano teacher. She is willing to share her knowledge and love of the piano with both young and old alike. She is patient and encourages her students every step of the way. I should know, I’ve been her adult student for almost 16 years.

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